Thursday, 23 May 2013

Every year the bloembureau (flower office) of Holland makes an event celebrating a species of flowers and this year i was lucky enough to be chosen to promote the bromeliad flower.
The idea was to make a piece that appeals to the fashion carrier based Dutch woman and the result would be displayed in the Maison de bonneterie in Amsterdam.
Afetr long consideration i decided to make a window display including a dress and a flower skeleton and in this case i was lucky enough to be able to work on a Puma skeleton.

It was quite different from my usual techniques to use real flowers and as much as the perishable aspect scared me at first these particular flowers have proven to be resilient and beautiful beyond my expectations.
Needless to say this was a LOT of fun to work on.

the "making of" video is courtesy of my talented friends at Oxford house
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Galley Da-End Paris

I have recently had the occasion to work with Gallery Da -End in Paris (
during their summer collaboration exhibition entitled "fleurs du mal" centered around flowers.
For this theme i decided to make my second fairy throne, made of diverse bones and a few dried plant elements the idea was to make a throne fit for a fairy king in nature.