Monday, 12 September 2011

Three brand new editions to the fairy family, i think i'll never stop making these.....

Friday, 27 May 2011

Nose jewelry

These are the first series of my nose pieces presented in Art Kitchen for their "Cult Club : Pret a Couture" exhibition. ( ) .

When I was studying theatre design I always kept an eye on the jewelry department of my school. At some point I came across an old image of traditional Maori jewelry that covered the nose and sometimes the neck, so I decided to do something similar using more modern textures.
 Here are my first two attempts at making facial jewelry. (special thanks to monsieur plastic for being my model).

Friday, 15 April 2011

This is the new sculpture series i've been meaning to start for a long time now, the idea is making GOD fetuses, this is my first one, the JESUS FETUS.....
i intend to make Shiva Ganesha Horus and others soon, it was fun to finish the first prototype first to see if the idea worked, i was very pleased to see that the water and glycerine creates beautiful opportunities to manipulate light and give the sculpture all kinds of new dimensions adding to the spiritual aspect of the sculpture....a very convenient side effect that i did not predict.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

This weekend was the Realisme Beurs in Amsterdam, and the first occasion for me to unveil the first sculptures in a series inspired by ancient goddesses.
The first of the series is my fertility goddess based on one of the oldest representation of a fertility goddess from the stone age found in Lespugue.
When i was growing up my mother had a small representation of that sculpture in the house which i was always attracted to.

this is my first attempt at macro photography.......

Thursday, 6 January 2011

These are the first two bottles i made for ZARB champagne as a promotion
ZARB asked a hand full of artists in Amsterdam to create sculptures using the bottles as a canvas.
These two are themed "life and death".
more to come.......

This was the Zarb champagne for gay pride Amsterdam 2011
not my design or concept but....well.....i'm the mouth in the middle ;)

"On est tous Zarb!" was the slogan of the 2011 Paris expo of Zarb champagne bottles.
This 3 headed wonder was used to illustrate how we are all Zarb by having celebrity and guest faces flashed on to the bottle.

I was also asked to help set up the pop up Zarb expo in Paris in September of 2011, a promotion during fashion week, it tured out to look very good and was an incredibly fun job.