Friday, 15 April 2011

This is the new sculpture series i've been meaning to start for a long time now, the idea is making GOD fetuses, this is my first one, the JESUS FETUS.....
i intend to make Shiva Ganesha Horus and others soon, it was fun to finish the first prototype first to see if the idea worked, i was very pleased to see that the water and glycerine creates beautiful opportunities to manipulate light and give the sculpture all kinds of new dimensions adding to the spiritual aspect of the sculpture....a very convenient side effect that i did not predict.


  1. cedric, why are you so brilliant? i only know glycerine as the fluid stuff in soap you buy at pharmacies/drugstores. or is the baby made of soap?

  2. I need this for my desk at work. I live in the South, the "Bible Belt" as they say, and I would love to watch people's reaction to this.